What if a restaurant would open in the first commercial shuttle to space? This is the branding of Virgin Galactic’s first space restaurant.

Space has always exercised a fascination on men. How far can we take this fascination? In 2017 a commercial flight will take its first passengers into space. How to enhance this experience by  the exploration of sense stronger really unique? I imagined the branding of a restaurant Inside the shuttle virgin galactic.

Golden disk that will be gifted to the passengers.

This project involved creating a new language, unique and characteristic. I relied on the symbolic. Representation of space and science, what men have been reading in space and what they have sent to it. The first Three icons refer to the 3 stages of space flight. They are compared with the 3 steps of a meal. The rest of the Symbols correspond to the emotions that voyagers will experience during this trip.

Explore space like nerver before in the Apogee.

In the apogee there is no spot light, the light comes exclusively from the sun and the reflection of the earth. To play with the natural light, the cap of the bottle of water is a sphere of crystal to diffract the light on the table to recreate stars. The aim is ehance the passengers senses and improve their experience.


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