Auckland Museum


Auckland War Museum has the biggest medal collection of New Zealand. How to create a visuel experience to explore the collection and teach their stories.

I worked with the team on the Creative Direction of the Medals photoshoots, which has been done by the museum itself. More than a 100 medals have been shot as “Hero Medals” with one in 360° for animation. I also worked with the team on the User Interface and the User Experience accros the main console and the kiosk. Designing systems to help the users from all ages to navigate through the medals and their stories.

The main console is 4k, 50 Inch touchscreen.

The console landing screen is made of two distinctive paths to follow to directions: Explore Stories or Decode Medals. If the users choose Explore Stories, they will learn about medals types, how, when and why they have been awarded and learn about the people behind them. The Decode Medals sections is about the medals, what compose them, how to decode them and their types.


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