New Zealand Fire Service

Mobile Application

New Zealand Fire Service is saving thousands of life every year. But how to optimise their response time and make them faster and smarter on the field.

This is with this question in mind that we crafted this mobile application only used by the NZ firemen. It is visually simple enough to navigate through the app with big fingers in risky situations where decisions have to be quick. No time to waste, the app is reliable, fast and easy to use.

The map has two mode: day & night.

The side navigation has clear colour coding to easily navigate though the app. The map is the main screen and everything is gravitating around it. All the buttons are opening into slider panels to never go too far from the map. The fireman can optimise their route to go the emergency while reading important informations in the cab.

Night mode is optimised to not blind the cab driver.

The app has a “Incident” tab that automatically zoom on the zone of the incident to be able to investigate with the different panels. The firemen can learn more about the building history, buildings next door and the tenants informations.


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