Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment

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The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) is an independent office of Parliament. Their role is to maintain or improve the quality of the NZ environment by providing robust independent advice that influences decisions. PCE investigates complex issues that provide real value to not only parliamentarian’s but also to the public.

We collaborated with PCE & followed a deeply design-led approach to move from their outdated site to one which is mobile-friendly, engaging and easy-to-use. We centred the experience on user’s information seeking goals, balanced with the needs of their organisation.

The core functionality of the site is complimented with the creation and implementation of an appealing and relevant digital brand.

Visually we crafted a digital identity that reflected the authority & credibility of PCE, whilst providing a cohesive & intuitive navigation system focussed on clear, appealing and easy-to-find information. Colours inspired by the New Zealand environment have been used to form core navigational pathways. These colours work seamlessly with beautifully curated environmental images.

In a digital landscape of lowest common denominator cookie cutter government websites, the new PCE site has been received positively.

We are well versed in designing and developing websites that adhere to the NZ Government Web Standards. Designing and developing an engaging and accessible website is a task that needs to be approached with intimate familiarity with both the W3C standards & the challenges our clients face as well as the efficiencies & technologies of the digital channel.

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