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As New Zealand’s leading provider of cloud services, Spark-owned Revera needs to stay at the top of its game in everything it offers. That means not only having the most solid and reliable cloud capabilities, but also having an intuitive and seamless way for customers to create and manage their cloud services.

Enter CloudCreator – Revera’s single gateway to all cloud services.  CloudCreator provides a single view of all services including user-friendly dashboards for customers to manage their entire cloud ecosystem. CloudCreator enables users to spin-up servers, connect storage, deploy apps and access local & global cloud services – all in one place.

The CloudCreator UI is focused on simplicity & honest design.

Revera customers needed a cohesive digital experience that can takes advantage of a self-service model that caters for individual needs – irrespective of role or level of technical skills.

To achieve the level of customer-centricity Revera wanted, CloudCreator had to be designed and built from the ground up. The reimagined information architecture was a significant departure from the existing structure so even the foundations were stripped bare to give the team the blank slate it needed. A lift and shift approach was never an option.

By applying a design-led thinking methodology, we were not only able to address immediate challenges but also solve complex problems and find desirable solutions for ongoing enhancements. UX research and an iterative mentality served many purposes throughout the design process.

The CloudCreator UI is focused on simplicity & honest design. It is the result of a study of both digital & physical product design to bring to a dashboard that has a familiar yet innovative feeling. The design came from a wild range of inspirations, starting from Dieter Rams’ Braun product design, applying its “10 rules of good design” that lead to simplification & optimisation.

The colour palette is inspired by Nordic artists such as Mondrian, using clear & simple touches of colours to guide the eye through self-explanatory call-to-actions while keeping a warm & human feeling to it.

Back to purity, back to simplicity.


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